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Madamlili Promo Code – Madamlili coupons Madamlili coupon code Madamlili promo code Madamlili discount code Madamlili discount coupon Madamlili discount code . MadamLili offers you a great selection of handmade natural and fashion jewelry with 925 real sterling silver. Our natural jewelry is just as versatile as its various meanings. In lovingly hand crafted in our own jewelery workshop in Berlin, is every piece of jewelery to a small unique.




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About Madamlili 


In Madamlili you can expect exciting vintage jewelry parts, beautiful Genuine Blütenschmuck and much more. This great natural jewelry is worn not only in the summer, through the use of real moss, great feathers and flowers in many colors, it fits perfectly with the current hippie and bohemian trends. With our original Naturschmuck your boho look is fast becoming a real highlight.


MadamLili offers you a great selection of handmade natural and fashion jewelry with 925 sterling silver . A piece of jewelery can be something special. Sometimes it stands for a beautiful memory, is a symbol of friendship or love, a gift to yourself or to someone else. And sometimes it’s just a great eye-catcher that can round off your outfit or underline your own style. Our natural jewelery is just as versatile as its different meanings. Made in loving handwork in our own jewelery workshop in Berlin, each piece of jewelry is unique. MadamLili’s latest trends are given an individual note and become a timeless and versatile favorite item.



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