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CELLCONTROL IS THE WORLD LEADER IN TECHNOLOGY TO STOP DISTRACTED DRIVING AND IMPROVE DRIVER PERFORMANCE. Cellcontrol Promo Code Cellcontrol  coupons Cellcontrol coupon code Cellcontrol discount Cellcontrol discount coupon Cellcontrol discount code.


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How Cellcontrol Works



Cellcontrol’s patented distracted driving solution has two main components, a hardware device in the vehicle called DriveID and an app on the phone(s) or other mobile device(s).

Quick To Implement

For Fleets, the download can be sent through your current MDM, the Cellcontrol MDM, or pushed via text/email to the mobile devices. In addition, a Cellcontrol implementation specialist can work with fleet managers to preload phones into the Cellcontrol Online Account.
Parents can just add the mobile phone number or device to your Cellcontrol Online Account, and a link to download the Cellcontrol DriveProtect™ app is sent to the device.


Simple To Install

Once the Cellcontrol DriveProtect™ app is loaded on the phone, you’re ready to install your DriveID hardware. Simply use the 3M industrial adhesive tape included to attach it to the windshield, with the USB port pointed toward the dashboard. No wires or professional installation necessary!




Once DriveID is installed, you’re all set –your family, teen drivers, company, employees, etc.  are protected from the risk of mobile distractions behind the wheel! Account management is easy through the Cellcontrol Online Account Management Console. Here you manage your account, customize the distracted driving policy for your family or company, get reports and feedback on driver performance, and more.

Easy To Customize

In your account, you can customize your distracted driving policy, add white-listed numbers, choose which apps and functionality you want to allow and which ones you want to block, and more. For example, you might choose to allow access to Navigation and Music apps while driving, but block texts, messaging and social media.


Painless To Manage

In addition to customizing your distracted driving policy, you can also get detailed reports on driver performance, from braking and acceleration events to speeding and approved device usage. Easily watch as driving improves and inappropriate device usage behind the wheel diminishes.


Cellcontrol Promo Code Cellcontrol  coupons Cellcontrol coupon code Cellcontrol discount Cellcontrol discount coupon Cellcontrol discount code

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